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Principessa Mafalda

Offset printed cover made on CIALUX® .


The breathtaking biography of an ocean liner and a story of luxury as well as emigration. In 16 days from Genoa to Buenos Aires – with the launch of the Italian steamer „Principessa Mafalda“, this journey became possible in 1908. The ship was fast, modern and chic, for luxury travellers with a music room, smoking salon and promenades. In third class, however, passengers were crammed into dormitories. They accepted this because the promise of a better life beckoned at the end of the crossing.
Stefan Ineichen tells anecdotes about illustrious passengers, adventurous experiences on board and in the country of arrival on the other side of the ocean.
Hardcover in CIALUX®. The binding fabric impresses with a haptically flattering surface as well as outstanding printing results.

Images & publishing by : © Büchergilde Gutenberg – Frankfurt
Cover design: KOSMOS