Setalux becomes digital

In the occasion of the Dscoop 2018 (Digital Solutions Cooperative) where Markeeter and creative printing suppliers meet, the the latest creation of the Manufacture of Seveso, the new Setalux HP will be presented. Discoop is also the largest printing and design community in the world where you can meet users of HP technology. This exhibition will be in Dallas from the 25th to the 28th of March.

The prestigious tissue, worldwide well-known  brand of the Manifattura del Seveso for its quality and high color rendering in offset printing, now thanks to the collaboration with HP , enters in the digital sector.

After extensive studies, which lasted more than a year, Manifattura del Seveso obtained on March 13, 2018 the prestigious certification by Hewlett Packard for use on its Indigo machines including the prestigious 12000, which allows, unique in the world, to a viscose canvas laminated with paper, the perfect machinability, an exceptional definition of the image, combined with a three-star value for the resistance of the color to the surface of the support.

This was made possible thanks to the generous structure of the fabric made of viscose filament, (100% cellulose) with a construction of not less than 43 warp threads and 23 weft threads, laminated with an FSC certified paper, with a coating on the surface of a special acrylic resin, which make it an absolutely ecological product in line with the company policy that has allowed the achievement of environmental certification 14001.

Starting from the end of 2018, the distribution in USA will be managed by GPA McCook IL Us, one of the largest distributors of substrates for digital printing , whose catalogue is the first reference guide of what currently available on the market for HP Indigo press.

In Italy the distribution will be managed directly by the Manifattura del Seveso, while for the EMEA countries will be the current representative companies of MDS in the graphic sector of each country to promote the product.

Setalux® is a very bright fabric currently used by the most known luxury brands for their catalogs, for communication, for shopper, invitations to fashion shows and for packaging in the perfume, watches, jewelery, and in all the products where it is necessary enhance the high quality of the proposed content.

The publishing sector also makes extensive use of Setalux®, for the most prestigious editions in the field of art, photography and fashion, such as the prestigious edition, presented in these days, in the XXL format of the Taschen editorial “Murals of Tibet” with traditional offset printing.

Now even the pure publishing sector, in addition to luxury, will benefit from the possibility of digital with the undoubted advantages that this flexible technology can allow, combined with a quality of printing in some cases superior to traditional printing.

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