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Dante Lives

This volume, crated in the occasion of the celebrations for the 700th annyversary of the death of Dante ALighieri 1321-2021 has been covered with our Cialux , emellished by offset printing done by Grafical Company in Marano di Valpolicella (VR)  and it contains the hundred works of Felice Nittolo dedicated to different canto of the Divine Comedy.

The publication has a great cultural value, edited by Italic publishing with texts by Franco Gabici, Graziano Campanini, Riccardo Betti, avails itself of the patronage of the Dante Alighieri Society of Rome and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ravenna Dante 700.

Furthermore, numerous exhibitions take place across Italy: from Faenza to Rivarolo Mantovano, to celebrate these works.

NITTOLO is an experimenter of the mosaic, he uses in his works daring assemblages made of terracotta, paper, fabric, copper, embroidery, juxtaposed on wooden boards painted in acrylic. Even the mosaic does not correspond to the conventional mosaic but it’s closer to memory, to the vestiges of a mosaic.

Starting from the “mosaic concept”, the artist examines each canto and delves into the words of Dante Alighieri imagining that the Supreme poet may have also been inspired by the mosaics, not only of Ravenna but also those of Florence, Venice and Rome.

Next italian exhibition dates:
INFERNO Rivarolo Mantovano, Palazzo del BUE, Via Guglielmo Marconi, 44 / 46017 (MN)

PURGATORIO Bozzolo, Chiesa della Disciplina, Via Bovio / 46012 (MN)

PARADISO San Martino dall’Argine, Chiesa Castello, Piazza Castello / 46010 (MN)