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Capofaro “covers” its brand with Manifattura del Seveso products.

In the splendid setting of the Aeolian Islands, Capofaro was born from the love for the vineyard and the sea of ​​the Tasca d’Almerita family. A scenic estate on the island of Salina designed for friends, guests and all travelers of taste, in the name of the best Mediterranean hospitality. Capofaro is the highest expression of Salina, the most authentic of the Aeolian Islands, where Malvasia, a typical wine of the island, is produced.

Capofaro has decided to enhance its brand by choosing the Bukram P Extra Fantasia signed Manifattura del Seveso as a coating for all its paper converting line linked to its resort, which enhances this splendid structure.

Starting from the restaurant menus, then going to the brochure for the rooms and finally extended to simpler but still very glamorous accessories, such as the “do not disturb” tags that guarantee privacy and rest for customers.

The concept was  created by the Palermo-based company Zeta Printing, which has been operating in the branch of prestigious prints for 3 generations of the Zito’s family.

Zeta Printing has been present in the area since 1968, always faithful to the origins of a family-run artisan company born for offset printing and photolithography, over the years it has specialized in luxury packaging and luxury finishing; First on simple materials, such as paper and cardboard and smooth surfaces, then extending its production of  high-end fabrics, such as those of Manifattura del Seveso, to offer increasingly sought-after solutions for the publishing, luxury and fashion sectors.

The item chosen for this wonderful project is the Bukram P Extra Fantasia:  100% cotton, FSC ® certified, which with its smooth finish, has allowed an excellent yield in hot stamping,  that ensure  a very natural effect; the logo pressed in gold gives an even more precious touch to this important project.

Manifattura del Seveso, a family business from 4 generations, has been present throughout the Italian territory for over 100 years and makes its experience a strong point for increasingly innovative, stylish and always trendy projects.

This high-quality project is a perfect fusion of two family-run companies that have been able to use their experience wisely to recreate a high-value project that knows how to highlight the splendid Sicilian setting of the Aeolian islands and knows how to convey the feeling that you can live in this wonderful place, surrounded by nature, which is Capofaro.