A book-cult that celebrates the millennials

Dolce & Gabbana celebrates the millennials. They does it on the catwalks and with Millennials – The New Renaissance, the book-monument to youth that immortalizes, in 150 shots in color and in black and white, the generation born and raised with the digital, able to exploit all the opportunities in terms of image , style and personal branding, and launch fashions and messages that can influence the choices of their followers.
Edited by Rizzoli, Millennials – The New Renaissance, which bears the signature of the art director Giovanni Bianco, has a destiny marked as an object of worship.

Size 21.6 x 28 cm. 2 cover dials in 2 mm plastic with mirror finish, coupled with Cialux of the Manufacture Del Seveso, produced in a special color, with 2-color screen printing and 3-color foil.
In front of the first deck, in correspondence of the DG logo, a magenta photographic filter in 21.6×14 format, creates a play of colors with the stylist’s logo.
Pack with transparent continuous spiral. To protect the book, a transparent PET bag.

194 pages + 6 vertical inserts (cm 10,8×28) and 9 horizontal inserts (cm 21,6×9,4) of which 3 aligned in the head, 4 aligned to the foot and 2 places in the center of the page.
Gardamatt Smooth paper with 135 grams. 1 sheet of adhesive labels, printed in 4 colors + offset paint by OGM SpA of Padova on Heidelberg Speedmaster 72×102 machines – 10 convertible colors.
Inside: 19 photographic filters in 6 different colors.
all under the technical direction of Elena Rocco.